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Media Day Ride - Friday, June 3rd @ 10:00AM

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Are you joining us for Media Day Ride? 10:00AM Arrival @ Mavic Basecamp - Newbury Park
Are you joining us for Media Dinner at Pedalers Fork? 5:00PM in Calabasas.

Phil's Welcome

Every time I tell someone that I live in Los Angeles, they ask how the hell I can train in a town known only for traffic and movie stars. The truth is that I’ve ridden all over the world, and I can’t say LA is the very best, but it’s part of a 20-way tie for a climber like me.  Just north of the city, you’ve got the Pacific Coast Highway with the ocean on one side and a ridge of mountains on the other. There are tons of tiny roads up and down that ridge, with Mulholland on top: this twisty, beautiful road where they film every car commercial. You can climb around that ridge for days and never hit the same road twice. SoCal doesn’t have a big Gran Fondo yet, so I thought that the Malibu Gran Cookie Dough would be a fun way to show off my home roads and help LA get the reputation it deserves as a cycling destination.

We've put in the work to make a unique event with a great story, and we need your help to get the word out so we can compete with the other major Gran Fondos. Phil thought that a media ride would be a good opportunity to give you a taste of what we're offering (literally and figuratively), for you to share with your audience.

Itinerary: Friday, June 3rd

  • 10:00AM - Arrive @ Mavic Facility (Directions Below)
  • 10:30AM - Coffee, Bagels & Introductions
  • 11:00AM - Roll Out
  • 12:45PM - Coffee/Cookie Stop on PCH
  • 3:45PM - Return to Mavic House
  • 4:15PM - Rest/Clothing Change (*Shower Optional)
  • 5:00PM - Dinner Reservation @ Pedaler's Fork Calabasas

Media Day Ride Route:

Download Ride Details HERE: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13952206

Ride Description : Modified Mash Up 

Stats: 50mi / 4K Elevation / 1 Coffee Stop

Phil's thrown together a Frankenstein-style mash up of all (3) routes offered at Malibu Gran Cookie Dough. Prepare your legs for some steep climbs, radical descents, serene PCH soft-pedaling and a dirt section finale. 

Weather Forecast: Clear & 75 (imagine that!?!?) 

*Ride Support provided by Mavic Neutral Support

Media Staff - Travel & Accommodations

Are you traveling from outside of Southern California? We can assist with travel & accommodations. Contact us immediately, ryan@agentofchangellc.com

Directions/Important Locations

Organizer / Contact Info

Ryan Moore, Agent of Change LLC

Email: ryan@agentofchangellc.com

Mobile: 818.512.5374